Radar M2®


The Radar M2® is the MOVIN’MARINE’s reference equipment, a passive radar which operates from the air, by plane or helicopter, covering extensive areas. Its wide coverage makes it a unique system in the mining market.

This equipment takes advantage of the recent knowledge on telluric wave’s spectral treatment to locate abnormalities associated with the presence of minerals and to create maps.

It is efficient because, in a short period of time, it allows you to precisely locate oil and gas traps as well as water, iron, copper or the main gold (AU) deposits and seams.

It avoids unsuccessful and costly prospecting which can be also located in difficult-to reach-areas. In the same way, it benefits the environment because it avoids unnecessary deforestation.

So, it is a very valuable complement since it can discover areas rich in the wanted resource, even in those mining spaces which, initially, are not recognized as such.

- Characteristics of the Radar M2®

It uses a system to register electromagnetic waves coming from the Earth’s crust, which allows to precisely locate the presence of water, gold, iron, copper,... In addition, due to its great depth reach, it can locate oil and gas traps.

  • Analysis depth: from 1meter to up to 4,000 meters
  • Coverage: from 1 meter to up to 5,000 meters

- How does it work?

The Radar M2® allows registering the waves in the microwave range and the infrared coming from the Earth’s crust. The detected abnormalities allow you to relate to geologic subsoil structures with a characteristic wave spectrum emission, although the results can be determined by a presence or lack of such frequency with a spectral filter. This analysis is also valid for projects in areas with oil traps presence and other derivatives as gas.

- Behavioral predictions

The Radar M2® allows you to obtain information which cannot be obtained by the traditional technology.

In mining, the data allow you to search for hidden patterns which can be used to predict the future behavior of the geologic structures. The analysis of the data patterns is essential to improve the performance and to create a competitive advantage. This data analysis and the prediction of the behavior of the soil are highly useful to carry out a proactive direction of the mining companies, a key strategy for the public sector as well as the corporate and the scientific sector.

Radar M2®
Radar M2®
Radar M2®
Radar M2®
Radar M2®


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