MOVIN’MARINE’s services are, mainly, the analysis of exact areas to locate the main gold mineralization deposits and seams as well as oil and gas traps.

Extensive mining prospecting:

Obtaining data at cruising speed

The extensive prospecting in mining is carried out by some aerial remote sensing equipment, the Radar M2®. This equipment takes advantage of the recent knowledge on the spectral treatment of the telluric waves to locate abnormalities associated to the presence of minerals.

The Radar M2® is a high performance equipment and it is installed on aerial transportation devices such as planes or helicopters, gathering data up at cruising speed. Its advanced technology allows to cover very extensive areas in a short period of time.

Its depth range goes from 1 meter to up to 4,000 meters under the Earth’s surface and the coverage goes from 1 meter to up to 5,000 meters. The planimetric precision is 1m2.

Detailed prospecting:

GPR, high resolution prospecting up to 40 meters deep

The detailed prospecting is carried out by the terrestrial geophysical prospecting technology also known as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

The GPR is a high performance equipment of electromagnetic waves emission and reception and it is capable of locating subsoil abnormalities by detecting the physical phenomena of reflection, refraction and diffraction of microwaves.

This technology allows high resolution prospecting, usually up to 40 meters deep. One of the main implementations is to identify the areas of transition of soil – rock, as well as to discover little faults or mineral seams in the layers closer to the Earth’s surface.

This equipment can be operated manually or adapted to a tractor vehicle, provided that the road surface allows doing so.


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