Movin’Marine, search for mineral resources

A constantly evolving company connected to the ocean

MOVIN’MARINE started in 2002 in Empuriabrava (Spain). In the beginning, the primary activity was marine floor exploration. Movin’Marine successfully participated in various international projects and collaborated with Deep Oceans Expeditions, a company organizing tourist trips to explore the sunken Titanic wreck at 12,000 feet deep in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Over the last several years, Movin’Marine has broadened its horizons and refocused the main activities of land and sea mining exploitation.

It’s a future orientated company, adapting to the needs of international markets and the wishes of even the most demanding of customers.

Investigation and detection methods and techniques

The exploration and investigation of the terrestrial and marine subsoil are done through different geophysical prospection techniques with the radar being the fundamental principle, using conveniently aerial or terrestrial equipment.

In general, MOVIN’MARINE uses aerial radar devices to conduct extensive prospection campaigns which allow covering extensive areas of geographical territory while it employs terrestrial radar devices to determine, in the field, the location of the discoveries with great accuracy.

The prospecting equipment which has characterized and allowed MOVIN’MARINE the achievement of such important discoveries in the world of exploration has been developed by the same company: The aerial equipment RADAR M2.

A constantly evolving company connected to the ocean

Alberto Ríos Geological Consulting Company from Peru certifies the positive results of the M2 Radar. Some gold (Au) presence was verified in several deposits: disseminated, alluvial and in the inside of galleries, even in pure low concentrations. The results in different auriferous (Au) projects that Movin Marine has been evaluating for the last several months in Peru, allow us to claim that “the technique based on the use of aerial radars is extraordinary; it works properly certifying the veracity of the system’s efficiency”, explains Dr. Alberto Ríos Carranza, manager of Alberto Ríos Geological Consultancy.