Movin'Marine, exploración minera

Supporting the soustainable development

MOVIN’MARINE assumes its costumers commitment of promoting the usage of noninvasive technologies during the mining exploration activities to minimize the impact of their actions on the environment.

The imperative usage of the aerial and terrestrial remote sensing minimizes the mobilization of heavy equipment and the usage of drillings or other destructive tests which seriously damage the environment and jeopardize the security and welfare of the local communities and the workers.

Committed to the society and the environment

MOVIN’MARINE is committed to the society and the environment, so that it reports and lets the corresponding state authorities know about any illegal mineral extraction project not legally regulated or without the corresponding licenses.

  • Gold Fields
  • Caraveli
  • Minero Horizonte
  • Antioquia Gold
  • GoldThink S.A.C
  • Hardmetal Mining
  • F45