MOVIN’MARINE: The Spanish company specialized in geophysical exploration by means of remote sensing

In any mining project, during the phase of exploration, geophysical technologies are needed for the identification and location of the deposits and mineral warehouses.

The Spanish company MovinMarine, with headquarters in Empuriabrava, Girona, Spain, and in Lima, Peru, devotes itself to this type of investigations, extracting the best performance to the granted or free areas from them to generate new mining projects. In fact, they are specialized in rich zones in mineral, fundamentally gold and copper warehouses, and additionally in the identification of water resources.

For all these projects, Movin’Marine uses overhead radar devices, being able to carry out hereby extensive campaigns of exploration that allow it to cover vast extensions of geographical terrestrial or marine territory. For it they use the Radar M2, an equipment of wave recording of personal design and development which operates in the bandwidth between microwave and the infrared, proceeding from the most superficial layers of the terrestrial bark and that allows it to locate zones with presence of anomalies. It has an aerial receiving antena of polarized Broadband waves with a bandwidth associated with the atomic spectrum of the element desired in the range between microwave (Ghz) and infrared (THz).

The Radar M2 airborn allows us to locate the zones with presence of mineral anomalies. Its capacity of penetration can come up to 900 meters under the terrestrial surface, depending on the capacity of absorption of the radiations from the core of the land that imposes the typology of the surrounding area and of the typology of the matter/field. On the other hand, the conditions of the subsoilindicate the scope allowed of the trace exploration, being able to come into several kilometres of depth depending on the type of project. The above mentioned scope depends also on other external conditions during the measurement of records, since they can be at the hight of a plane or the meteorology/weather.

The most interesting benefit of this technology of geophysical exploration is the possibility of exploring wide extensions of territory in a short period of time without invading the studied zones, therefor obtaining an improvement of the costs associated with the safety of the personnel and the equipment, the time of response, and the affection to the environment. To be exact, “a day of geophysical exploration with the Radar M2 installed in a helicopter allows us to cover a zone of 8.000 hectares, which supposes an advance of more than 2 years in the works of the mining investigation”, explains Joaquim Casellas, manager of MovinMarine.

The handling of the Radar M2 is very useful to identify and to locate places of interest and study, being its principal aim to orientate in the previous intensive exploration by means of terrestrial equipments. During the process of tracking, the information is stored and the results obtained in geodesic fractions are discriminated/not used, being able to obtain them topographically and represent them in 3D plans thus the positioning such results.

On having presented the results, it is possible that by means of a presentation of the plans of the zones/areas with a high presence of anomalies of minerals, as objective the gold (Au) and copper (Cu), of two-dimensional forms (a vector with the direction of the anomaly and the estimated depth) or three-dimensional (a flat surface and the estimated depth). The above mentioned anomalies are associated with the present element in the subsoil and object of the campaign of exploration.

A very interesting example of this type of work has taken place recently in Peru, where the checking of the obtained results was proceeded by the geologist Alberto Ríos, who certified the checkings of the geophysical exploration effected by the Radar M2.

The results obtained in different auriferous projects (Au) that the company MovinMarine has come to evaluate in the last months in Peru allow us to confirm that the ” technology based on the use of radars is extraordinary, it works adequately and I testify on behalf of the veracity of the efficiency of the system “, mentions Alberto Ríos Carranza, Geological manager of Alberto Ríos Consultoría.


The company Movin’Marine has always been tied to the sea. Its beginnings were centred on the exploration of the sea bed, having successfully taken part in big national and international projects and possessing in its extensive experience collaborations as important as the one that they carried out with the company Deep Ocean Expeditions. Nevertheless, as the years go by they have evolved to all kinds of works of geophysical exploration by means of remote sensing, with the development of its own equipment, being the mining sector one of the most important divisions which it possesses. In fact, it possesses a specific department for the detection of gold and copper deposits, which has catapulted it/them as one of the companies most experienced on the exploration of golden (Au) and copper (Cu) deposits.