Testimonio Minera Caravelí

The company Minera Caravelí is recognized amongst the best in Peru in underground mining industry in gold. From its foundation, its efforts are destined to achieve a competitive mining industry of high productivity with a wide social responsibility.

MOVINMARINE: La empresa española especializada en exploración geofísica mediante teledetección

In any mining project, during the phase of exploration, geophysical technologies are needed for the identification and location of the deposits and mineral warehouses. The Spanish company MovinMarine, with headquarters in Empuriabrava, Girona, Spain, and in Lima, Peru, devotes itself to this type of investigations, extracting the best performance to the granted or free areas from them to generate new mining projects. In fact, they are specialized in rich zones in mineral, fundamentally gold and copper warehouses, and additionally in the identification of water resources.

MOVIN MARINE: El Radar m2, especializado en la exploración geofísica de oro (AU) y cobre (Cu) mediante teledetección

The Spanish company MovinMarine founded in the year 2002, with headquarters in Empuriabrava, Girona - Spain, and in Lima - Peru, has always been tied to the sea. Its beginnings were centered in the exploration of the depths of the sea, having successfully taken part in big national and international projects and possessing, in his extensive experience, collaborations as important as the one that they made/carried out with the company "Deep Ocean Expeditions".

L’or amagat en 7.800 hectàrees (Diari de Girona)

MovinMarine, with headquarters in Empuriabrava, Barceloan and Peru with more than 10 years experience in the mining in search for gold.

Prospección geofísica aplicada a investigaciones mineras

The use of the magnetometry and terrestrial radars allows access to mineral resources in an effective and economic manner.

Identificación y descubrimiento de los principales depósitos y yacimientos auríferos

Identification and discovery of the main gold warehouses and deposits.

Publicación en Revista Planeta Minero

Publication in Planeta Minero Magazine.